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What’s in your shoebox?

Written by Aaron Dentamaro
28th October 2019 2 Min Read

Gone are the days when a business can survive running out of a shoebox, only to be opened when tax time rolls around.


Shoebox accounting is when you throw everything in a box to be completed later… and when that time comes, it’s often too late. It makes it difficult to get an accurate picture of your financial health.


At Razor Group, we’ll clean out your shoebox so you can return it to the wardrobe where it belongs. We take the time to understand and interpret your financial activity and even look for what’s not in there.


Our accounting packages provide software that can manage your creditors to ensure they’re paid on time. It will allow you to see what upcoming bills must be paid to avoid interest on late payments. Easy tracking of expenses helps you monitor your business cash flows.


Automating your backend processes will save you time and ensure your financial records are in order in case of being audited. They’ll also be in a secure location that is accessible to you from anywhere.


Want to ditch the shoebox? Give us a call on 1300 0 RAZOR to see how we can help.


This column was originally published in Pharmacy Daily as their Weekly Comment Feature on 28th October, 2019. Click here to view. 

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