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Manage your workforce with ease

Written by Aaron Dentamaro
21st October 2019 2 Min Read

Your workforce is one of the biggest expenses to your business.


How do you keep this cost in-check and still deliver exceptional service? You need to be looking at Workforce Management solutions.


Rostering can be a balancing act. Roster on too few workers and you can’t meet demand which lowers customer satisfaction and damages your reputation. Roster too many workers and you’ve increased your costs unnecessarily and wasted manpower.


Razor Group’s Workforce Management system gives you the ability to recognise patterns and predictive forecasting will allow you to better understand future demand to allow for more efficient rostering at multiple budget levels.


It automatically generates compliant rosters in seconds and can communicate shift changes more efficiently using email and SMS communication with your team. The time and attendance module tracks staff clock ins and outs. This allows management to easily review timesheets, approve or decline additional time clocked and track team that are late or take longer breaks, reducing manual errors and labour costs.


Our system automates the complex Pharmacy Industry Award by our Award Interpretation module and conforms to all staffing requirements under the Quality Care Pharmacy Program.


Give us a call on 1300 0 RAZOR to discuss personalised Workforce Management solutions for you.


This column was originally published in Pharmacy Daily as their Weekly Comment Feature on 22nd October, 2019. Click here to view. 

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