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Payroll Compliance. Is outsourcing the answer?

Written by Aaron Dentamaro
15th October 2019 2 Min Read

The story is all too familiar. Companies being caught out underpaying their staff, resulting in embarrassment and reputational damage. From Bunnings to George Calombaris, we hear the same thing happening again and again. So how do you stop it happening to you?


Outsourcing your backend processes, including payroll, to a specialist consultancy company like Razor Group is a highly effective solution you should consider.


Outsourcing can eliminate administrative overhead costs or divert administrative resources to more productive tasks while reducing the investment required in infrastructure and technology. It also frees up time to further focus on reaching your business goals and managing your day to day operations.


Razor Group has skilled and qualified experts in their fields who have access to top of the line technology. We help improve operational efficiency and ensure your business consistently complies with evolving government regulations like Single Touch Payroll, which, as of September 30, all businesses should be complying with (are you?).


Outsourcing is not just a one size fits all solution either. At Razor Group we offer a tailored solution that aligns with your own strategic direction and works in tandem with your business. Give us a call on 1300 0 RAZOR to find out how outsourcing can work for you.


This column was originally published in Pharmacy Daily as their Weekly Comment Feature on 14th October, 2019. Click here to view. 

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