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As a business owner, you’re the one who makes things happen. Razor Group is here to make all those things a little easier to achieve. Our curated range of services, solutions and tools provide business owners like you with the much needed support to manage and plan for the future, giving you time to do all the things you simply never had the chance to do before.
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We look for ways to take the pain out of time-consuming administrative tasks and non-profitable duties. The result? A more streamlined business, and a better work-life balance.

It's about time

We know that running a business isn’t glamorous. It involves a lot of late nights, setbacks, budget plans, invoices, emails – and all of that takes up your time.


We also know that empowering you with a tailored strategy and the right resources is enough to get the results you want – and then some. When you engage Razor’s services, not only will you improve your business operations, you’ll also free up more time to focus on the things that matter to you the most.


Striking a healthy work-life balance might seem like an impossible task, but it’s a lot easier to achieve when you have more time to spend, and less work to worry about. That’s where we can help.

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Improve, Innovate, implement

Our services are designed to improve every aspect of business management, from your workflow to your payroll, and your staff training to your bookkeeping.

Whether you need support for your current processes, or you’re looking for ways to innovate and gain a competitive edge, we want you to get true value out of your experience with Razor Group. That’s why we advise you which services we think will be most suited to you and your business needs, before we implement a new strategy.


Each member of the Razor Group is an expert in their field, so when you work with us, you’ll have peace of mind that every task will be completed on time, with precision and care.


At Razor, we’ll help you work smarter, not harder, with our tailored business solutions.

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Our curated range of services, solutions and tools provide business owners with a multitude of benefits

Cost Effective
Streamlined Processes
Boost Workflow
Improved Performance
Enhanced Reporting
Work-life Balance
Find out how our unique range of services at Razor Group can help your business achieve more.


“We often recommend the outsourced services provided by Razor Group to clients. We know Razor provide high quality service and have a breadth and depth of knowledge in many areas of business pertinent to our business owners. We can trust them, if engaged, to prepare Taxation working papers. We believe their services are a great client outcome, leading to reduced compliance costs and an ability to provide more value added services for the same yearly cost.”
Leigh Dyson
Director - Tax
Dyson Advisory Group
“I’ve been with Razor Group for many years now. When I started using Razor to look after my bookkeeping, management accounting and payroll I had 2 businesses. With Razor I’ve been able to grow that to 4.

Its great having everything processed and up to date. I can see where I am at a glance. Having another set of eyes looking at my business and how I’m travelling is reassuring. I’m confident in the service they provide and trust they are looking after my best interests all the time.”
Warren D’cruz
Multi-site Franchisee
Auto Masters Ellenbrook, Malaga, Midland and Barossa
“I was with an accountant interstate for many years, a legacy of a prior business life. When I moved I stayed with my old accountant for bookkeeping. I was falling behind with all my bookkeeping – I was trying to do it all myself. Finally I moved to Razor. They’ve got me on track and up to date. I feel like a weight has been lifted off my back. They’re so helpful. With their comprehensive management reports every month I am now able to budget and grow my business rather than just have meaningless numbers for the ATO. ”
Susan Bilbow
Pinjarra Veterinary Hospital
“We started using Razor for our bookkeeping and payroll needs about 3 years ago. They keep on top of everything for us, freeing up our time to concentrate on areas we can add value in our business. They are only a phone call away and very helpful if I need. If they find any issues they let me know quickly. ”
Janet McIntyre
Bad Apples Bar
“Razor Business Services is a great provider that looks after all the time consuming administration duties of running a business which provides me with having more time which I would rate as the rarest resource to have. This allows me to focus on other areas whether improving business initiatives or simply having some time for myself. Razor always has someone available over the phone to discuss anything related to my account and my dedicated accounts manager actually knows what's going on. Razor has a variety of different tools available so I am able to see everything that’s going on in my business keeping things simple and accessible. ”
Jeffrey Lam
Area Development Manager
Wizard Pharmacy


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